Price List

We offer Affordable, Efficient and Professional Tax Services. Below an indicative price list:

Prices valid as from 1 January 2018

This list covers the preparation and submission of annual tax returns to SARS, and DOES NOT include the activities / work involved should the client be selected for a SARS audit. Prices may vary depending on the amount of work involved. Therefore, you will receive a formal quotation from us for all work involved. Contact us for any other costs, including VAT and PAYE.

All prices are indicative per Service


Basic Price –  Starting at R600.

Complex (Individual) – Starting at R1000.


Starting at R1250

Provisional Tax

Individuals: Stating at R400

Companies: Starting at R500

Vat Returns

Vat Return submission starting at R450

Vat Registration starting at R3000

Important Note:

In the case of medical expenses not paid by the fund, the taxpayer must provide invoices and proof of payment.

In the case of a travel logbook the taxpayer must provide a logbook that complies with SARS standards.

In all cases the taxpayer is obliged to supply certificates and all information required. Smart Tax will not be liable for any omissions due to the taxpayer withholding information.

We will quote separately for any cases not covered above. Please note that costs for tax services vary on a case by case basis.

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