Estate Planning in South Africa


Our firm assists clients on an individual basis with estate planning and drawing up of wills. We also act as executors or as agents for executors of deceased estates. Forming of trusts and testamentary trusts is also included in the advice given.

Estate Planning Services Overview:

Our Estate Planning system was developer as we learned of the need for a system that assists with getting your loved ones and yours estate in order. We will all face the impact of death. Unfortunately, when we die we often leave behind an administrative burden and family and friends, who are trying to grieve, have to sort out the mess.

The most common problems we have found in our years of experience is that:

• No one knows what to do, who to talk to or where to start tying up the estate when a loved one dies.

• The executors waste precious time piecing together the estate and in many cases find essential documents are missing or simply don’t exist and this leads to lengthy and costly delays.

What are the end results of these issues:

• Those you love instead of being allowed to morn end up having to put your estate together, resulting in huge personal stress and worry.

• Owing to the delay in the tying up of the estate, loved ones often are left in financial difficulty as the money in the estate only becomes available when it has been finalized.

Therefore If:

• Your personal estate planning and legal documents are not up to date,

• Your family and friends are unsure of how to tie up an estate and,

• You would value a service which makes sure you are fully prepared when you die, and those close to you know what is expected from them, then Estate Plan is exactly what you need!

Being prepared allows our members to embrace their lives in the present, ensuring their legacy will live on with the peace of mind they and their love ones deserve.

You need to contact us on 087 808 6972 to set up an appointment with one of our estate planning specialists.